Tuesday, March 13, 2012

£40,000 grant will help to save medieval painting

A painting from the 14th century will be saved from water damage thanks to a grant from English Heritage and the National Lottery.

St Nicholas’ Church, Stanningfield, has been awarded a £40,000 grant to replace its leaking roof. Water coming through the roof has been threatening to damage a rare medieval doom painting on the arch separating the nave from the chancal.

The painting, depicting the Last Judgement, shows Jesus sat on top of a rainbow with the apostles to either side of him. Below him, the dead rise from scattered skeletons to be judged.

Gerry Biggs, warden of the church, said: “The painting has been there a long time, everyone involved with the church is quite proud of it and the fact that there might be something happening to it is quite worrying."

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