Thursday, March 08, 2012

Fresh take on medieval castles: Series explores historical sites and how they stood up in times of war

This medieval battle started centuries ago on England's Dover cliffs, but it was finished - in a manner of speaking - at an Abbotsford farm, and on a computer screen.

Battle Castle is a six-part documentary series that takes viewers back to the building of six historically significant castles, and then shows how each castle stood up when attacked.

Vancouver producers Ian Her-ring and Maija Leivo filmed several days on location at each castle - the show led off with Syria's Crusades-era castle Crac des Chevaliers - and the third episode tonight is on Britain's Dover Castle.

"For the Europeans, castles are so ubiquitous, it doesn't occur to them to do a show about them," says Leivo, as to why a Vancouver team took on the subject. The show is also airing on Britain's Knowledge TV.

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