Monday, March 12, 2012

Exploring the enigma of Bristol Cathedral

The Medieval art, architecture and history of Bristol Cathedral is the focus of a new book by researchers at the University of Bristol. The study, edited by Jon Cannon and Beth Williamson of Bristol’s Department of Historical Studies, offers a detailed analysis of the architecture of Bristol Cathedral (then St. Augustine’s Abbey) during the Middle Ages.

From its Romanesque chapter house to its Perpendicular cloister and extraordinary 14th-century east end – potentially one of the most revolutionary works of architecture of the entire Middle Ages – the Cathedral boasts examples of each of the main architectural styles but has been little studied compared to many other English cathedrals.

Jon Cannon said in a statement, “Bristol Cathedral, formerly the abbey of St Augustine, is a remarkable building. To medievalists it is an enigmatic and compelling place, filled with important work of various periods, work that raises a range of important questions about style, patronage and the intentions behind medieval architecture."

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