Monday, May 14, 2012

47th International Congress on Medieval Studies draws over 3000 medievalists

Over 3000 scholars, historians, writers, students and medievalists came to Kalamazoo, Michigan over the last four days, where they took part in the 47th International Congress on Medieval Studies.

Through 547 sessions, papers were delivered on a wide variety of topics, ranging from “The Trial of the Templars in Germany” to “What Can Games Teach Us and Our Students about the Middle Ages?” Some historical events celebrating anniversaries, such as the 800th anniversary of the Battle of Las Novas de Tolosa, and the 600th birthday of Joan of Arc, provided the theme for several sessions.

Noah Guynn, from the University of California Davis, told that the congress is “the place where you see everyone from different disciplines. For medieval studies, it’s the most important conference and it always has been.”

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