Sunday, March 28, 2010

Nottingham hosts Robin Hood events and exhibition

The City of Nottingham has started to cash in on the hype for the upcoming Robin Hood movie by teaming up with Universal Films and director Ridley Scott to create an exhibition at Nottingham Castle and Sherwood Forest. Furthermore, Nottingham City Council and Nottinghamshire County Council have declared May Robin Hood Month.

The Nottingham Castle exhibition features the character costumes of Robin Hood, plus Maid Marian, Friar Tuck, Little John, King Richard I and Prince John. It also features other costumes, props, weaponry and behind the scenes assets from the movie. It provides an amazing chance to see the original props, weaponry, set pieces and costumes from the film up close.

Special events planned for May at Nottingham Castle include a Robin Hood Jousting Show, various re-enactments, and Medieval Family Fun Days.

Sherwood Forest will be displaying other memorabilia including a large wooden cart from the movie that you can sit in and watch behind the scenes footage on large screens. The existing visitor exhibition telling the story of Robin and his Sherwood home has undergone a major refurbishment and will also be open for the media to preview before being opened to the public. A special archery competition will take place on May 31st in the heart of Sherwood Forest.

This official movie exhibition has been put together especially for Nottingham Castle and the Sherwood Forest Visitor Centre by the film's set designer Sonja Klaus.

The film is expected to be one of the big blockbusters of 2010 and is a gritty modern retelling of the popular worldwide legend that is inextricably linked with Nottinghamshire. The exhibition will link in with The Castle's sizeable medieval collections and treasures.

The Sheriff of Nottingham, Cllr Leon Unczur said: "This is a really exciting time for the City. Not only Nottingham people but visitors from across the world who come to pay homage to the legends of Robin Hood and his Merry Men will be able to join in the celebrations. With a helping hand from a major Hollywood film, the spotlight is shining brightly on Nottingham and we've got a unique opportunity to tell the world about the other great things that make Nottingham the place it is.

"Nottingham Castle has a history of varied and prestigious exhibitions and we are grateful to Universal for their co-operation with this latest one. When I accepted the role of Sheriff I made a promise to do as much as I could to pull Robin Hood back into all our hearts. I feel confident that this will be Nottingham's year."

Nottinghamshire County Council Cabinet Member for Culture and Community Councillor John Cottee said: "Robin Hood is famous all around the world and it is great that the new film and this new exhibition will add to the legend and introduce a new generation to our county's most famous son. It will give us all a reason to celebrate our legendary heritage and will also attract visitors into the county which will bring real rewards to the local economy."

"It has been marvellous to work with Universal on creating this exciting new exhibition which will bring to life the romance of the silver screen and the legend of Robin Hood and all in the beautiful setting of Sherwood Forest."

Jennifer Spencer, Interim Chief Executive for Experience Nottinghamshire, the county's tourism agency said: "We've worked hard as a team to cultivate a strong working relationship with Universal which has resulted in the city and county playing host to this exhibition of national and international significance. Our efforts have been rewarded and the exhibition is already grabbing global media attention. This builds on our Robin Hood heritage and is set to drive a big increase in visitors to our city and county."

Film Director Ridley Scott says: "This new adaptation is a Robin Hood that viewers across the world have never seen before. The exhibition will give visitors the opportunity to really get up close and personal with the film and feel part of the production itself, along with understanding the importance of the surroundings we filmed it in."

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Source: Nottingham City Council