Wednesday, December 09, 2009

West Virginia University offers online Religious Studies minor

From Buddhism to Christianity, Judaism to Hinduism the introduction of an online religious studies’ minor at West Virginia University allows students from all over the world to study the various realms of religion.

“A lot of traditional and non-traditional students are very interested in religious studies,” said Aaron Gale, program coordinator for WVU’s Program for Religious Studies. “Especially with the popularity of the multidisciplinary studies program, non-traditional students and distance students can all take advantage of the program.”

In order to complete the minor, students must complete a total of five religious studies courses. Two of the courses can be any 100-200 level courses offered, which include Religion 102: Introduction to World Religions and Religion 219: The History of Christianity.

The other three courses must be upper level including: Religion 303: Studies in Christian Scriptures, Religion 304: Studies in Hebrew Scriptures and Religion 350: Biblical Ethics and Current Issues.

“Religious studies is generating more contemporary interest because it’s always on TV and in the news, so the minor provides a way for students from all over West Virginia and the world to learn more about religious issues,” Gale said.

The online minor also gives students an opportunity to participate in various study abroad experiences offered through the Religious Studies’ program. Currently students can participate in an archeological dig in Israel, and a trip to Turkey and Greece is being planned for the summer of 2010. In the future there are plans to add two more summer programs in Egypt and Tunisia, and Thailand and Japan.

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