Monday, January 09, 2012

Wales: Medieval glass windows cleaned after 600 years

Members of a Neath Valley church can see clearly once more. Colourful medieval stained glass windows in Glynneath's St Cadoc's Church are being put back in place after they were removed for cleaning — for the first time in about 600 years.

The conservation of the windows is part of a larger £230,000 building project to make repairs and to conserve this historic part of the church.

The Rev Peter Lewis, vicar for the Vale of Neath parish, said the medieval glass underwent specialised cleaning procedures by a firm in North Wales.

"The glass was taken away in September to be restored and the windows were replaced with temporary boarding," he said. "They had not been cleaned in around 600 years. They are now being reinstalled in the church. We are looking forward to having them back."

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