Tuesday, December 06, 2011

Medieval mosque discovered in Oman

Oman's Heritage and Culture Ministry announced that the Omani-French Exploration Expedition managed to unearth new archeological findings for Qalhat city. The findings highlight the historic and economic role played by Qalhat during the Medieval Ages.

Byoba Ali al- Sabri, Director of Exploration and Archeological Studies at the Heritage and Culture Ministry said today in a press conference that the findings include the Al Jamea Mosque in Qalhat which was built in response to the order of Bibi Mariam at 1300. The Mosque was destroyed by the Portuguese in 1508.

She pointed out that the Mosque is located on the beach, opposite to the port. Beside the Mosque, a magnificent building thought to be the residence of the ruler of the city, was also found.

The findings also include clay items that date back to the 14th century, polished and unpolished clay ceramics.

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