Wednesday, September 07, 2011

What’s new with ancient Jerusalem?

The 12th Annual City of David Archaeology Conference, the largest of its kind in Israel, is set to take place this Thursday at the City of David. This open-air conference is dedicated entirely to current research about Jerusalem and the City of David and will bring together world renowned experts and 1,400 fans of Jerusalem and its antiquities.

The conference takes place in Hebrew but many Anglos are expected to attend. In honor of the event, the excavation sites at the City of David will be open, and conference-goers will be given the rare opportunity to take a peek at the rigorous field work.

The most senior tour guides will give tours of the various sites including the Herodian Road, the hidden tunnel that leads from the City of David up to the Western Wall. A highlight of this year’s conference is the display of the recently discovered golden bell from the Second Temple period.

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