Thursday, August 04, 2011

The Norwich well case: a BBC documentary reveals the results of the investigation

On 31st January, 2011 for the series “Interview with History”, Archeofilia published an interview with the English Archaeologist Giles Emery, who found a medieval well containing the remains of 17 people during the course of some excavations in Norwich. Of these people, whose bones have been dated back to the 12th or 13th Centuries, 6 were adults and shockingly enough 11 were children aged between two and 15.

Last week, 5 months after that interview, Archeofilia staff watched the documentary (unfortunately not available in Italy) that BBC produced about this mysterious case, called “History Cold Case: The Bodies in the Well”. The documentary presented the investigation work carried out by the BBC staff of the “History Cold Case” programme, who, thanks to the most modern technologies placed at their disposal by English Universities, have shed new light on a mystery the implications of which have turned out to be rather shocking for the community of Norwich.

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