Friday, August 05, 2011

Game of Thrones: when the medieval fantasy explains Realpolitik

The Iron Throne A Song of Ice and Fire in the original has become an HBO series, this dark fantasy saga written by George R. R. Martin, whose first volume appeared in 1996 and who must rely on Sept. 1 when completed.

The story of the saga takes place mainly in imaginary land called Westeros in a fantasy universe. As in any good fantasy saga, rare and fantastic populate the continent as dragons or werewolves.
The story begins with the death of the king’s hand, Lord Jon Arryn, it was used and advised a Roy who had seized the throne by force. A usurper king chasing women and running and will leave gradually the power of the courtiers and advisers.

On this earth there are seven crowns, unified under one banner in which the swords of the kingdoms were used to build a huge iron throne.

Joffrey families, Renly, Stannis, Robb Stark and Greyjoy families are “royal” on this earth and are in constant struggle, ignoring a hazard in the North, where the king’s power stops. This border is guarded by men in the North prevail mysterious beings, giants, wild men and other, strange and mysterious supernatural beings, capable of transforming humans into zombies frozen.

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