Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Holy Bones, Holy Dust – Religious Relics tell story of Middle Ages

“I had become very interested in the fourth and fifth centuries AD and the fall of the Roman empire,” says Holy Bones Holy Dust author Charles Freeman. “It was just then that the relic cults began. What I found fascinating was the way these cults spread throughout the Mediterranean and then northwards into Britain and Germany as Christianity spread.”

Freeman delves deep into the subject of religious relics using original sources. Freeman’s book mixes history with elements of theology and anthropology. Most of the relics Freeman discusses are from the Middle Ages.

Holy Bones Holy Dust delves into practices across Europe, covering various religions. He also includes details about the Crusades, the Byzantine Empire, the confusing Italian city-states, and Protestantism. His narration is lively and you can tell he loves his subject. For anyone who loves history.

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