Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Richard III: A Man and His Times

The Richard III Foundation will host its annual conference on 3 October in Wellsborough, Leicestershire. The theme of the conference is Richard III: A Man and His Times.

The speakers and their topics are as follows:

Dr. Peter Jones from Cambridge University. Dr. Jones topic is Dr. John Argentine (c.1443-1508), royal physician and provost of King's College, Cambridge.

David Baldwin will speak on Richard III and Elizabeth Woodville. His presentation will focus on her initially fearful and subsequently cordial relationship with Richard III.

Dr. David Hipshon will speak on 'Richard III and the Stanley-Harrington Feud'. Dr. Hipshon studied at London and Cambridge Universities obtaining a MPhil in Medieval History from Emmanuel College Cambridge and a PhD in the Theology of Kingship from King's College London. His MPhil dissertation at Cambridge was supervised by Rosemary Horrox. and currently is Assistant Head at an independent school in west London.

Dr. John Ashdown-Hill will speak on “Beloved Cousyn” - John Howard and the House of York.

John Fox will speak on “This is the House that Jack Built: John Warenne's Sandal”.

Dr. Peter Hancock will speak on his latest publication Richard III and the Murder in the Tower.

“Since 2002, the Foundation has sponsored conferences encompassing the top academics in the medieval period. Our events have gained a reputation not only for the speakers who have participated, but in support of our commitment to research and support of scholarship,” said Joe Ann Ricca, Founder and Chief Executive Officer/President of The Richard III Foundation.

“We are well aware of the fact that in today’s economic conditions, people are watching their expenses. We need to be more discriminating in our choice of activities and where we chose to spend our funds. But, we are finding that people are committed to the cause of higher education and learning. We will continue to support that endeavor which is so vital to today’s history, regardless of country or heritage.”

The Richard III Foundation is known for it’s research and scholarship on the Fifteenth century, with emphasis on King Richard III, his contemporaries and era. The Foundation has worked to enhance and promote scholastic studies and education on the period of the Wars of the Roses and have sponsored research, scholarships and numerous publications showcasing the medieval period.

Plans for the 2010 conference are also underway, with speakers to include the Foundation’s honorary patron, Mr. Robert Hardy, Scowen Sykes, founder of the Towton Battlefield Society and Max Pinson, an independent historian.

For additional information on the Foundation and the conference, contact the Foundation at, or visit the Foundation’s website at