Monday, September 07, 2009

Recent updates to

We at just want to welcome back everyone who is returning to their universities this week, and give an update on what we have recently posted to the main website as well as to our Medieval News Blog.

In our very popular Castles for Sale section we have recently added information on Killahara Castle in Ireland. The owners of this 16th century tower house castle contacted us to get out the word that the property is for sale.

We have posted interviews with William Ian Miller, who is a distinguished scholar in the field of Icelandic sagas, and Rodney Stark, who is coming out with a controversial book about the Crusades.

Sandra has now posted her review of Axe of Iron - The Settlers, by J.A. Hunsinger.

We have now reached 914 articles on our site, and we would like to thank Diana Gilliland Wright for sending us two of her articles: When the Serenissima and the Gran Turco Made Love: The Peace Treaty of 1478 and The First Venetian Love Letter? The Testament of Zorzi Cernovich

Our news section is being updated regularly too. Here are some recent headlines:

Lastly, we are approaching the one year anniversary of and we want to thank everyone for your support, including those follow us on Twitter and Facebook. We really appreciate all your feedback and good wishes!