Thursday, July 16, 2009

Irish Museum receives grant to display Viking treasure

The Waterford Museum of Treasures is to receive a development grant of €16,000 to assist in creating a new space within the permanent exhibition area to display internationally important objects recently discovered at the Viking site at Woodstown.

The allocation as been made by Minister for Arts, Sport and Tourism, Martin Cullen, under his depart-ment’s support for the regional museums programme.

The archaeological material that will be on display resulting from the funding will include Viking warrior grave goods which are the only complete set of warrior weapons found to date in Ireland.

This exhibition will also benefit business tourism in Waterford city as the Minister said the new exhibition will coincide with an "interna-tional conference on the Viking site at Woodstown in autumn".

Acknowledging the country’s regional museum contributions to cultural tourism, Minister Cullen added, "Our regional museums, including our Museum of Treasures, are an essential part of our Water-ford tourism product mix. I am delighted to allocate