Tuesday, July 19, 2011

New online version of The Acts and Monuments by John Foxe released

A new interactive version of The Acts and Monuments by John Foxe has been published online by the University of Sheffield. This work, available at http://www.johnfoxe.org, is an ecclesiastical history that is regarded as an essential resource for researchers of English history, religion and literature.

The Acts and Monuments details the history of the Protestants who were executed for heresy in the sixteenth century. The text was instrumental in creating anti-Catholic sentiments which informed the prejudices of the English people and the public policy of English governments, from the reign of Elizabeth I to that of William IV – from 1560 to 1835.

The text is a foundation source for the history of the English Reformation and the late Medieval Church, as well as being a cornerstone resource for scholars of English literature and religion.

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