Wednesday, July 06, 2011

International Medieval Congress begins next week

More than 1,600 experts from all over the world will come together and take a medieval look at the contentious themes of poverty and wealth, at a forthcoming conference at the University of Leeds.

The 17th annual International Medieval Congress, organised by the University’s Institute for Medieval Studies, is the biggest academic event of its kind in the UK and the largest medieval-themed academic conference in Europe.

This year’s Congress will look at the gulf between the rich and poor, examining the approaches and views taken by medieval societies to these issues and comparing them to today’s. Delegates will learn that the spirit of volunteering was strong in medieval times, drawing parallels with Prime Minister David Cameron’s modern day vision of a ‘Big Society’. The conference will also consider topics including medieval social welfare, graffiti, and the relationship poverty had with the likes of disability and education.

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