Tuesday, May 03, 2011

Medievalists.net - All Request Sunday articles

Here is the list of articles posted on All Request Sunday on our main site Medievalists.net

Franchise Conflict: The Tide of Antipopes in the Aftermath of the Eastern Schism

European Women Patrons of Art and Architecture, c. 1500-1650. Some Patterns

The Military Revolutions of the Hundred Years’ War

Rashi and the First Crusade: Commentary, Liturgy, Legend

Care of the Children: the Aldermen and the Orphans

The Cucurbitaceae and Solanaceae illustrated in medieval manuscripts known as the Tacuinum Sanitatis

Coinage and Money in the Latin Empire of Constantinople

Thomas More’s History of King Richard III: Educating Citizens for Self-Government

The Physical Spell of Gregorian Chant

Who Was Who in Medieval Limerick; from Manuscript Sources