Saturday, May 07, 2011

The One Minute Guide To... Medieval York

Continuing our series on UK destinations ideal for credit-crunch-friendly breaks, Chris Leadbeater is your guide to York, a city great for historic sights - and Christmas shopping...

What: The most historic portion of one of Britain's most antique cities. Founded by the Romans, fortified by the Vikings and transformed into a thriving centre of trade once the Normans had pulled off their hostile takeover of Ye Olde Englande, York is festooned with notable monuments to the past.

The Oxford English Dictionary defines 'medieval' as 'of the 5th to 15th centuries' – and York is well equipped with landmarks that fall into this category: its grand cathedral the Minster, the remnants of its once mighty castle, the narrow lanes with names like Swinegate, Fossgate and Little Stonegate that make the city a joy to visit at any time, but especially during the sparkly build-up to the festive season.

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