Sunday, April 24, 2011 - All Request Sunday

Here is the list of articles we posted for today's All Request Sunday:

Music: An Instrument of Dialogue Christian Medieval Music and Arab Music, or the Need for Heresy

The Medieval Silver-Lead Miner: A Preliminary Study

Greek and Muslim Automata: Influence of Greek Knowledge in Medieval Islamic Science

Women and the Fabliaux: Villains or Victims?

The Motives of the Earliest Crusaders and the Settlement of Latin Palestine, 1095-1100

Negotiating Interfaith Relations in Eastern Christendom: Pope Gregory IX, Bela IV of Hungary, and the Latin Empire

The Lay of Igor’s Campaign and the Works It Has Inspired

Material and Meaning in Lead Pilgrims’ Signs

“With them she had her playful game”: The Performance of Gender and Genre in Ulrich von Lichtenstein’s Fraunendienst

The Tree of Virtues and the Tree of Vices in Beinecke MS 416

Illegal Sexual Behavior in Late Medieval Norway as Testified in Supplications to the Pope

Fra Bartolommeo and the Vision of Saint Bernard: An Examination of Savonarolan Influence

The machines of Francesco Di Giorgio: demonstrations of the world

To Rise beyond their Sex: The Representation of Female Cross-Dressing Saints in Caxton’s Vitas Patrum

The Church of the Resurrection, or of the Holy Sepulchre

Sir John Mandeville and the Rhizomatic Travel Book