Thursday, April 28, 2011

Guy Gavriel Kay to do online Q&A on May 3rd

The bestselling author Guy Gavriel Kay will be taking questions online at a special web Q and A on Tuesday, May 3rd. The event will promote the release of Under Heaven in paperback.

The one-hour event will have Guy using a new online conversation technology from PollStream called OneRoom. Kay tells “the Pollstream/OneRoom model offers a number of new wrinkles, including the chance for people dropping in to chat with each other while reading (and even voting on) the questions that come to the guest, and seeing his or her replies. I like this, more of a real ‘gathering’ feel. There will also be polls and videos and images popping up, as they showcase what they can do with events like this. I have no idea what numbers to expect. I compare it to a real world bookstore event – I have read for 20 people, and for hundreds, and it is rarely obvious whey one happens or the other.”

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