Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Gardens of entire Leicestershire village dug up for BBC Four archaeology series

The dig took place in Kibworth, just off the A6. It even involved taking up the tarmac of the car park at the local pub, the Coach and Horses, so that the earth below could be excavated. The results will be seen in a new series on BBC Four this autumn, Story of England, presented by the historian Michael Wood.

“I’m hoping you’ll get this impression of the fabulous richness of the history at the roots of ordinary people,” said Wood. “The farmers, the traders, the railways navvies, the canal engineers, the sort of people who made our history not at the level of kings and queens.”

Finds from the dig included Samian pottery from Roman times, prehistoric flint blades and part of an Anglo-Saxon bone comb, as well as 1,200-year-old Middle Saxon pottery.

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