Friday, August 20, 2010

245 Archeological Coins Confiscated in Hama

Customs police in Hama, Syria on Thursday confiscated 245 archeological coins dating back to different historical periods.

The coins include 97 copper pieces from the Roman and Byzantine eras, 47 silver coins from the Islamic period, 95 Greek silver coins and 72 pieces with the head of Alexander the Great featured on one of their two faces.

Head of the Customs Police Mahmoud Sarem told the Syrian Arab News Agency that they received information about a car roaming the region suspectedly trying to sell archeological coins, and that after chasing the car for several days they arrested it and the two men inside it.

The coins found in the car were proved to have been of a great archeological importance in terms of their historical value and the variety and uniqueness of their models.

Click here to read the article from the Syrian Arab News Agency