Sunday, August 08, 2010

Candace Robb finds new voice as Emma Campion

When American historical writer Candace Robb decided to take a break from her usual medieval mysteries to focus on the life of one woman, she also decided to make another change -- taking on a new pen-name.

As Emma Campion she has released a debut novel, "The King's Mistress," based on Alice Perrers, the mistress of British King Edward III, who was always portrayed as a manipulative woman taking advantage of an aging, increasingly senile king.

Robb became intrigued by Perrers after documents emerged that cast doubt on this cruel reputation.

The author, who has written 13 books since 1993 in two ongoing series featuring medieval sleuths Margaret Kerr and Owen Archer, started to delve further.

Robb, 60, who has a PhD in Medieval and Anglo-Saxon literature, said she wanted to put Perrers in a new light. She spoke to Reuters about the 14th century and writing:

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