Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Royal Ontario Museum hosting medieval tournament

The Academy of European Medieval Martial Arts(AEMMA) of Toronto, in cooperation with the Royal Ontario Museum will have an authentic reproduction of a 14th century tournament, complete with a colourful and heraldic pageantry of armoured combatants, heralds, marshals and a Patron, the Lord of Wrentnall. This event is scheduled for 12:30 - 4:30pm, Saturday, March 21 in the museum's Currelly Gallery.

The tournament consists of a series of "combats on foot", with the defendants (home team) comprised of 5 armoured combatants from AEMMA, challenged by the appellants (visiting team) comprised of 6 armoured combatants hailing from as far away as Boston, Mass., this year's tournament featuring the first female armoured combatant. The bouts displaying martial techniques with sword, spear, poleaxe and dagger.

More details can be found at the Academy's website.