Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Handbook of Medieval Studies, edited by Albrecht Classen

Albrecht Classen set out more than six years ago on a major effort to compile a reference handbook about contemporary research on medieval studies.

During that time, Classen, a University of Arizona professor, developed and strengthened international ties with researchers, gathered articles and manuscripts and managed an expansive Website of worldwide resources.

He has since completed the project, resulting in the three-volume Handbook of Medieval Studies, providing an in-depth and interdisciplinary overview of the expansive research in the field covering the last 150 years.

"From now on, there is nothing that can be seen in isolation," said Classen, a University Distinguished Professor in the German studies department.

"Any future researchers must be confronted with this huge number of relevant studies since all aspects in the Middle Ages have to be studied from an interdisciplinary, comparative perspective," he added.

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