Thursday, September 16, 2010

National Expedition Restores Archeological Byzantine Burial in Palmyra

The national expedition at Palmyra Antiquities Department has ended the process of restoring and rehabilitating an archeological tow-story house tomb belonging to a Palmyrene family. Vice-Chairman of Palmyra Antiquities Department Khalil al-Hariri said that the square-shaped tomb was one of the defensive towers during the Byzantine Era, indicating that it was built on the northern defensive wall of Palmyra.

Al-Hariri added that the tomb has been completely restored and become ready to receive its visitors. He said that inside the house burial, there are six tombs built of limestone slabs and a stone stair connecting the cellar with the ground floor.

The burial consists of a cellar and ground floor with tow entrances and a destroyed stone-made door.The thick black soil near the edifice indicates that it was burnt during the Byzantine era.

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