Friday, January 09, 2009

New this week on

We have been busy adding more material to the main website. This includes:

Interview with Tommaso di Carpegna - We interview the author of The Man Who Believe He Was King of France: A True Medieval Tale about how he came across this fascinating tale of a 14th century Italian merchant who believed he was the true heir to the French crown.

Interview with Vicki Ellen Szabo - Szabo’s latest book Monstrous Fishes and the Mead-Dark Sea: Whaling in the Medieval North Atlantic, examines a topic rarely dealt with by medieval historians. We talk with her about her research on whales during the Middle Ages.

Travel Guide to Carcassonne - Our first travel guide, we offer information, videos and links about what to see at this city in Southern France, famous for its historical beauty and its role in the Albigensian Crusades

Facebook for Medievalists - A guide to groups and games that Medievalists can join on the popular social networking site

We also added 39 articles to the site this week, including:

A Classification of Peasants Attached to Land in Byzantium of the 14th Century

Background, Social Situation and Form of Living of Women in Hessian Cloisters of the Late Middle Ages

From Islam to Christianity: the Case of Sicily

The Jewish communities in Portuguese late medieval cities: space and identity

Against the Lord’s anointed: aspects of warfare and baronial rebellion in England and Normandy 1075-1265

Societies in Symbiosis: The Mudejar-Crusader Experiment in Thirteenth Century Mediterranean Spain

The Role of Arianism in the Vandal Kingdom

The First Siege of Constantinople by the Ottomans (1394-1402) and its Repercussions on the Civilian Population of the City

Theodoricus Monachus and the Icelanders

Excavations at Castle of Wardhouse, Aberdeenshire

The Bishops of Argyll and the Castle of Achanduin, Lismore, AD 1180-1343