Saturday, October 18, 2008

Late Byzantine celebrations of the human and the image

Conference on Byzantine iconography in Venice
14 October 2008

A conference on the theological and philosophical fundamentals of the Byzantine iconography, held by Anca Vasiliu, Research Manager of Centre Nationale de la Recherche Scientifique in Paris, will take place on Wednesday at the Aula Magna of the Fine Arts Academy in Venice, the Nine O'Clock daily writes on Tuesday.

The conference 'Late Byzantine celebrations of the human and the image' will present the theological and philosophical fundamentals of the Byzantine iconography, representing the patrimony of a common inheritance of the Romanian culture of the fifteenth and sixteenth century and of the Venetian Republic history and civilization.

Two of the most important landmarks of this patrimony are the Cathedral of Santa Maria Assunta in Torcello and the Saint Mark's Basilica in Venice.

One of the most valuable contributions is represented by the mural art of the monasteries in Northern Moldova, analysed by Anca Vasiliu in numerous studies and volumes, many of them released by prestigious publishing houses abroad.

The event is the second collaboration of the Romanian Cultural and Humanistic Research Institute and the Fine Arts Academy of Venice, after an evening dedicated to the great personality of Ion Popescu-Gopo was organized this May. Teachers and students of the Academy were invited to come to the meeting, besides specialists and historians, as well as the Italian students attending the classes of the Romanian Language, Literature and Culture Lectureship of Venice. Anca Vasiliu graduated from the National University of Arts in Bucharest and presently teaches classical Greek philosophy at the University of Paris (Pantheon - Sorbonne), she is a scientific adviser of 'Centre Leon Robin de Recherche sur la Pensee Antique' and a full member of the International Society for the Study of Medieval Philosophy.