Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Call for Papers: Medieval Military History

Kelly DeVries, Professor of History at Loyola College in Maryland, is putting together some sessions for upcoming conferences and is looking for anyone who would like to participate. These sessions would be dealing with medieval military history:

Kalamazoo (7-10 May 2009): I still have some slots in the De Re Militari sessions for anyone interested in speaking at this conference. I have to submit the sessions by the end of the month (Sept) so there is some urgency here. Please contact me asap at kdevries@loyola.edu. For those of you who have indicated a desire to participate and have not yet sent me your title, av needs, institution name, address etc please do so also asap.

Society for Military History (2-5 April 2009): This year's conference is being held at Murfreesboro TN (just south of Nashville). We usually have at least one session accepted but I will be glad to submit more if there is interest. Also, we need a commentator or two, so if you would like to attend the meeting and appear on the program but not give a paper, I would be glad to include you, too. For this conference I need a short abstract as well as all the other info.

Sewanee Medieval Congress (3-4 April 2009): This conference is held yearly at the U of the South in Sewanee TN. The theme this year is the City in the Middle Ages. If there is interest in proposing a session or two on war and the city the organizer, Susan Ridyard, said that she would be more than happy to accept them. Unfortunately the SMH meeting overlaps this one, but they are actually only 1/2 hour apart so it may be possible to do a "two-fer" that weekend if so inclined. (I can arrange for the sessions to be on different days.)

Leeds Congress (13-16 July 2009): The Leeds Congress is a great conference with usually several medieval military history sessions. De Re Militari would be teaming with the Royal Armouries to propose sessions (or individual papers) for the congress. The Royal Armouries is in Leeds and an amazing resource for anyone who would like to combine their research and conferencing. I would also be happy to introduce any member to the curators or librarians there. There is some urgency in proposing papers for any of these conferences -- the next couple of weeks. I apologize for leaving this so late but was away almost the whole summer. You can contact me at this email -- the easiest way -- or at 410-653-7254 on MWF all day or in the evenings.

Kelly DeVries
Sessions Organizer
De Re Militari