Thursday, August 21, 2008

Viator: Medieval and Renaissance Studies 39:1 (2008)

Volume 39, No. 1 (2008) of Viator: Medieval and Renaissnace Studies has now been published by Brepols. Here is a list of the articles:

A Convert of 1096: Guillaume, Monk of Flaix, Converted from the Jew, by Jessie Sherwood

No Peace for the Wicked: Conflicting Visions of Peacemaking in an Eleventh-Century Monastic Narrative, by Jehangir Malegam

Judeo-Greek Legacy in Medieval Rus', by Alexander Kulik

Theory and Practice in the Anglo-Saxon Leechbooks: The Case of Paralysis, by James McIlwain

"Oh! What Treasure Is In This Book?" Writing, Reading, and Community at the Monastery of Helfta, by Anna Harrison

Competing Spectacles inb the Venetian Feste della Marie, by Thomas Devaney

Langland's Rats Revisted: Conservatism, Commune, and Political Unanimity, by Nicole Lassahn

Local Elites and Royal Power in Late Medieval Castile: The Example of the Marquesado de Villena, by Jorge Ortuno Molina

Prudence, Mother of Virtues: The Chapelet des vertus and Christine de Pizan, by Mary Rouse and Richard Rouse

Christine de Pizan against the Theologians: The Virtue of Lies in The Book of the Three Virtues, by Dallas G. Denery II

Childhood and Gender in Later Medieval England, by P.J.P. Goldberg

Rewriting Scripture: Latin Biblical Versification in the Later Middle Ages, by Greti Dinkova-Bruun

Perpicere Deum: Nicholas of Cusa and European Art of the Fifteenth Century, by Cesare Cata

John Gunthorpe: Keeper of Richard III's Privy Seal, Dean of Wells Cathedral, by A. Compton Reeves

Hegel's Ghost: Europe, the Reformation, and the Middle Ages, by Constantin Fasolt