Sunday, July 13, 2008

Call for Papers for the 2009 International Congress on Medieval Studies

The Call for Papers for the many sessions at next year's Kalamazoo is now available here. Some of the proposed sessions include:

Sensory Perceptions in Medieval Society, AD 450-1600
Medicants and Merchants in the Medieval Mediterranean
Medieval Icelandic Bishops' Sagas
Letters of Love and Treachery in Late Medieval and Renaissance French Literature
J.K. Rowling's Medievalism
Friendship in the Middle Ages
Concubines in Medieval Europe
Beowulf as Children's Literature
Beyond Beer and Celibacy: Exploring Monastic Productions
Web-Based Learning and Teaching the Middle Ages
The Carolingians in Anglo-Saxon England
The Cultures of Armenia and Georgia
The Serbian Middle Ages: Between Byzantium and the West
Urban Culture in Medieval France
Origins of Firepower: European Warfare in Transition, 1450-1650
What Every Digital Medievalist Should Know (A Panel Discussion)

This is a just a very select and randomly chosen few of all the sessions coming next year. Please see the full list and if you can, submit your own paper for consideration. One more note - if all goes well, will be filming some of the papers given at the congress. More on this soon, but if you are interested in having your paper filmed (and posted to Google Video or Youtube) please feel free to contact me at